Bath Bombs Away
Bath Bombs Away
Bath Bombs Away
Bath Bombs Away
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Bath Bombs Away

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Fun, fizzy bath bombs are a luxury to buy, but easy to make at home! Bath Bombs Away! comes with 12 brand-new all-natural recipes and materials to make your own beautiful bombs. Dropping a bath bomb in a tub not only imbues the water with soothing essential oils and scents, but also adds colourful, fizzy fun!

The gorgeous illustrated book includes step-by-step instructions for making 15 bath bomb and shower steamer recipes. From the invigorating “Squeaky Clean Bomb” to beautiful “Mermaid Bomb,” these fizzy creations are easy to build and make great gifts for family and friends.

Inside You'll Find:
Bath Bomb Mold
Citric Acid
Baking Soda
Shower Steamer Mold
Surprise Trinkets
Bath Bomb Dye
Lavender Fragrance

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