Adult Art Class 101(A): Foundational Drawing (Saturdays)
Mobile Makery Adult Art 101 (A)
Saturdays Jan. 11, 18 and 25 @ 1:30pm-4:30pm

Adult Art Class 101(A): Foundational Drawing (Saturdays)

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The Saturday course is *FULL*, but will also be offered on Tuesday evenings beginning January 14. Click here for details and to register.


Do you remember art classes in school? You know the kind we mean? The kind where you showed up, were given some guidelines, but most importantly, where you got a chance to explore a roomful of different materials and just create for the sake of creating? Yeah, that’s the kind we’re talking about.

As a professional artist and designer, Danielle White ( decided it was high time to create that art class space and share it with with the rest of us!  We’ve been working behind the scenes to develop this idea and are delighted to announce that we are offering a series of weekly workshop-style classes to help you grow your art practice, whatever that practice looks like.

What can you expect from this series? Well, as with any workshop or class, it’s important to manage expectations. Lives can get busy and some of us haven’t tried to draw anything since grade one series of workshops going to turn any of us into Michelangelo? No. But we CAN explore some new ideas, develop some skills and help you discover a medium that speaks to you. It’s important for us to make this very clear: the intent of this class is NOT for you to produce beautiful, finished pieces of art. The goal is to explore different techniques and play with materials you might not otherwise have a chance to use. You may produce work you want to display in your home, but you may not. You will, however, have acquired a set of new skills and techniques to help you create those works in your own time, as you continue on your journey.

The series will be delivered in three sessions over eight Saturday afternoons beginning on January 11.  You may choose to take Session A on it’s own (Foundational Drawing), and from there continue on to Sessions B (Watercolour and Illustration) and/or C (Oil and Acrylic Painting).

Session A: Foundational Drawing  - $180 (Sessions B & C are e

  • Length: three classes, 3 hours each (9 hours total)
  • Dates: January 11, January 18, January 25 (storm date February 1)
  • Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Location: Small Print Game Cafe, 119 Grafton St. 2nd Level (between Cows and Grand Senses)*
  • Minimum skill level: none
  • Pre-requisite: none
  • Age limit: This event is suitable for those 16 and over

You will begin a personal sketchbook (yours to take home and provided as part of your fee) and participate in activities to help you develop your manual dexterity and visual observation skills. You will learn a variety of techniques for accurately capturing a three-dimensional scene and expressing movement and form in two dimensions. The concept of professional artistic critique will be explained and used throughout to encourage the sharing of ideas and the development of a critical "eye". Your vocabulary will expand to include a list of new terms to express the ideas we will be exploring.

Please note: Session A is our foundation for the next sessions. We will be setting the tone and introducing the concepts we will continue to explore later and, as a result, you must attend these classes in order to proceed to the next sessions.

*This space is on the second floor and is not wheelchair accessible. There is elevator access via the Confederation Court Mall, with a small set of steps down to the cafe.

**Please also note that refunds are not possible (we use head count to make sure we have enough space and supplies for everyone!), but tickets are transferable.

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